Engagement Model

Our engagement models are based on flexibility, adaptability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

 We suggest the appropriate  engagement model depending on your business processes and the nature of business you do. Luminous Infoways supports multiple engagement models to optimize the client relationship and successful delivery of the projects. Through collaborative sourcing of software development, maintenance and testing with Luminous, our clients can reduce the cost of application development and maintenance significantly, while improving the quality of deliverables, using our flexible onsite-offshore software services model.

Our different engagement models are:

->Pure Onsite Team

Dedicated on site team, Useful for IT Companies, Corporate, SMB Sector sitting at expensive locations.

Luminous project team works on-site at the development environment provided by the customer. The project team may comprise of some/all of the resources including Architect, Project Manager, Team Leader, Business Analyst and Developers, depending upon the complexity and constraints of the project. Billing for the  dedicated team will be done  on man-month basis.

We work on this model for both Govt. as well as Corporate Client. Some of the projects include ORGI, Confonent, NICSI based projects etc.

-> Offshore Development Center (24/7 Collaborative Model)

One of the best suited model to execute project at remote locations with milestone based payment.

In this engagement model, Luminous Infoways sets up a center of excellence for you at our offshore development center at Bhubaneswar. This center of excellence will be responsible for servicing the needs of your project. Typically, our consultants will work with you at your location to ensure that you have visibility into the project on a 24/7 basis.

These are usually effort based pricing model, where project cost is a function of total project execution time and the corresponding resource deployment pattern.. These engagements are particularly useful, where the projects are quite complex and prone to specification/design changes. This model gives the customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis by means of modifying the specifications based on the changing needs. This options really works for clients who are concerned about progress in remote projects, milestone based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring.  

We recommend this engagement model for application software development, custom application development, e-commerce portal/ product development, , dynamic websites, web designing, logo designing and other types of software development. In case of any query, please write to us at: info@lipl.in

->Dedicated Development Centre

Cost effective solutions to Customers requiring continuous offshore support.

With today's fast paced changing economic and market climates many organizations are faced with the challenges of re-aligning their business models. These existing and dominant conditions demand a structural change to a solution that provides both strategic values along with long term operational efficiency.

Whether you are a well established organization or just starting out, a dedicated resource or a full team is the best approach for the projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations.

Below is a brief explanation of our offshore staffing model:

Our resources can support your needs in a multitude of areas which include but not limited to:

  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Platform Migration
  • Application Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Solutions

How  our Dedicated Offshore Team does  work?

  • Based on your predefined set of criteria, we will deploy, supervise and manage your staff at our facility for any software, web application development, maintenance, technical or business-critical activity to run your business at our offshore facility in India.
  • Our competitive pricing is based on a monthly rate for our resources according to their technical level, experience, skill-set, and the project scope. We offer attractive discounts for volume work.
  • Once the project has been initiated, our team will communicate directly with you and your team via telephone, email or instant messenger if requested.
  • You can control and maintain the optimal progress for your project (s) with our offshore team by utilizing the many benefits of our web-based project management tools, daily or weekly progress reports, and weekly conference calls.
  • At any point of time, you can increase or  decrease the size of your offshore team. .
  • We can have your offshore dedicated resource/team ready within 10 business days or sooner depending on your urgency.

Our resources are skilled in the following areas:

  • Open Source: PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, AJAX, XML, J2EE, java Swing, JDBC, Servlets (JSP), JSP Spring Hibernate, Struts
  • Microsoft : ASP.NET, .NET, DNN , MS -SQL, VB,
  • Content Management : PHP CMS, Joomla, PHP Nuke, PHPBB, Word Press, Custom CMS in PHP and ASP.net
  • e-Commerce Solutions: PHP commerce, eCommerce store, ASP.net online shopping carts, OScommerce Design and Programming Customization Services

The dedicated facility provides a cost effective solutions to Customers requiring continuous offshore support. For such dedicated relationship, we also implement customer friendly specific quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for specific needs of the Client. The resources are paid on the basis of man-month.

->Virtual Teams

Best suited for IT Companies looking out for an extension of own team.

In this model, the work is divided between an on-site team and an offshore team that will collaborate over a virtual network (Virtual Plan). Design, architecture, and coding that require constant feedback from the customer are carried out on-site while well specified coding and testing can be done offshore (in India) at lower rates.

In addition to reducing the cost, it also offers shortened turnaround times with round the clock development with the usage of a common code and knowledge repository.

The common code and knowledge repository contains all project related documentation and is accessible for all team members (subject to authentication) both on-site and offshore. This also gives the customer full granular control and insight in the project progress.

Luminous Infoways virtual team model combines the best from on-site and offshore models. With a virtual team control is retained as well as flexibility is maintained and thus costs reduced.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model

Mostly suited for Govt. or IT Companies looking out for joint ventures in developing products.

In BOT model, a dedicated facility is planned for the customer. This facility is like an extension of client's own facility. It leverages the technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities of Luminous Infoways.  This  facility is staffed either by existing resources of Luminous Infoways or by client's resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or a mix of them all. Luminous has a well defined mechanism for the smooth transition of facility to the client. This model is useful for development of a product in a joint venture or for large scale e-Governance application & implementation.

End-to-End Project and Business Process Management

Ideally suited for any SMB/Corporate to outsource any of the back office job


In this engagement model, Luminous Infoways takes complete responsibility for managing and implementing your business process. As a client, you make quality measurements on process outcomes, but do not directly manage the process. Luminous has expertise in doing end-to-end project and business process management  with the flexibility to serve diverse customer business processes such as: Contact Center, CRM Database Management, Intranet Maintenance & Management, Application Processing, Claims Management, and so forth, for different geographies. As a partner and a customer to Luminous Infoways, you have the flexibility to place a manager from your organization at our Center of Excellence. The Client Manager can oversee the execution of business processes, make quality measurements, recommendations, and make a real-time assessment of what we bring to the table.

We recommend this engagement model for business process execution and management such as: Contact Center, Application Processing, Claims Management, Web Hosting and Maintenance, Technical or Product Support, Telemarketing Services, Data Analysis, Data Processing, and Generic Back Office Services.

For specific queries about this engagement model, feel free to write us: info@lipl.in