Luminous Infoways seeks to deliver different solutions to the society in an innovative manner. To provide innovative solutions, it has developed applications that challenged the traditional system. Some of the innovations of Luminous Infoways are:

e-Nirman, A Computerized Project Monitoring System: This software first developed for the Department of Works, Govt. of Odisha to monitor the construction of new building infrastructures/ maintain the existing one and above all planning for the upcoming building projects by tapping funds from various sources. This Computerized Project Monitoring System controlls all the processes from work creation to work completion and monitors all the running projects throughout Odisha.. It monitors the work progress and financial expenditure of each project of various level of user. It provides a mechanism to manage and track the physical and financial progress of each project. The application was developed with open source technology and satisfies the client’s exact requirement.

Benefits: It facilitates the Department to track the overall project status from allotment of works to the completion of the project.The Department can track the expenditures made on a particular project, generates master reports monthly and Department-wise. The Department can also generate MIS Tracking reports like monthly report, work closure report, Physical and Financial progress report, monthly expenditure plan report, division-wise report, work details report, etc.Department monitors the project status in an effortless manner with a single click.

RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism: The RTI CMM is an innovation by itself. This is an example of 'How Information technology can be used for Information management and meeting greater needs of Governance & citizens.This is one of the most appreciated and acclaimed project of Luminous Infoways.

The mechanism facilitates an Information seeker to search and obtain information from any public authority under section 4 (1) (b) of RTI Act, 2005. This web-based application is the one point information base for all Public Authorities to supply maximum information proactively to the public.

Uniform Presentation of Information through prescribed manual has become possible through this system. The system also assists the nodal department and Information Commission to extract comprehensive annual as well as monthly report of all public authorities of Govt. of Odisha. In other way around, it also enables each departmental public authority to review and monitor the implementation status of their administrative unit. In addition to that, the web based Content Management System (CMS) for updating proactive disclosure u/s 4 of RTI Act, 2005 has been built with well-defined workflow to facilitate dissemination of information with a moderation level form Nodal department. This software is completely based on Odisha Right to Information Rules, 2005 & Amendment Rules, 2006 and also maintains all registers as prescribed in the said rule. Till date more than 5500 offices are connected to this mechanism with all compliance to the RTI Act, 2005.

Odisha Information Commission: Odisha Information Commission (OIC) e-Gateway project is innovative in the sense as no other State Information Commissions even Central Information Commission, Govt. of India has taken this kind of step before. In fact, this is the best mechanism that has been developed under which a citizen can get information through RTI Act 2005 very quickly. Electronic gateway system is the best citizen centric service initiated by OIC through which common citizens can reach the State Commission from any where in the world at any point of time to file complaint/appeal on the internet. This can be marked as a milestone for Information Revolution in India.

e-Blood Bank, an Integrated Blood Bank Automation System: This innovative project is one of the most prestigious projects of Luminous Infoways which created a new benchmark.

This is an online tracking and tracing system of blood. This robust software handles activities like collection of Blood to its storage and Issue of Blood Units. This online application also handles activities of Blood Bank units like Blood Collection from voluntary donors and replacement donors, selection of donor, testing and cross matching, maintaining deferral records, Blood Storage, Stock maintenance, Blood Issue, Employee Information, Inventory Control and e-service desk.It is a computer based management system designed to handle all the primary information required to calculate monthly statements. Separate database is maintained to handle all the details required for the correct statement calculation and generation. Computerized Management System introduced user friendliness in various activities such as record updation, maintenance and searching.

Electronic Record Management System: Records can be managed in different forms for proper utilization of important data. The way of managing the records is to be secure, accessible and user friendly. e-Records Pro” is a solution which is a repository of all type of letters/documents/correspondence of the academic institution/ universities . Both incoming and outgoing letters of any organization can be managed through this system. The system is also having provision to make the file flow from one user to another till the decision is taken. This is a software where records are created, stored, retrieved, sent, received and managed efficiently. This is a one stop solution for all sorts of important documents and letters available within the office.This solution has transformed the traditional way of managing files. Organisations are benefitted by this software in many ways because of its accessibility , less time consuming and cost reduction features.

NRHM Web Geographical Information System: IT-Award winner, highly innovative & user friendly web application to locate any health unit details in 8 major towns by browsing the respective map. Health unit details will cover infrastructure, facilities, location. By selecting specialization type, practice type, hospital type, and authority type followed along with the city name, one can get such information. The details also include Specialization, Family planning majors & programmes undertaken. Besides the citizens can browse the map for location and contact details of their desired health care unit through this system by selecting the city name and can take the print out copy of that location map.

Web based Malaria Information System based on GIS outputs: This system facilitated by NRHM to track the implementation of Malaria prevention programmes with huge multidimensional data from various parts of Odisha. The system tracks the cause for spreading of malaria due to different parameters namely ABER, PF%, Death, API. This parameters show the range wise affected areas due to malaria and the severity of the disease.

The Decision-Support System with GIS enabled helps to track the proper information of the Malaria Infected areas and take major steps for strengthening the life cycle of the people. The major steps that can be taken to eradicate the disease in several areas can be knowledge from the GIS system for proper support. The system is completely dynamic and the information changes with the input parameter. The output reflects both on data & GIS part of the said system.