Q1:  What will a Government Organisation get here?

Ans: We have an established relationship with government/ departments/ oganisations. We provide them the appropriate solution. Any government department, office, corporation can get solution for management of its documents, automation of the entire office, computerization of processes, including workflow management.

Q2:  What will a Small and Medium Enterprises get here?

Ans:  Luminous Infoways respects both individual and organisational clients. It provides solutions for management of small business. We welcome more orders from SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) industry.

Q3:  What kind of services can a NGO get from Luminous Infoways?

Ans:  Luminous Infoways has customers from multiple domains including Govt., corporate, business, private and NGOs etc. It has proven experience of visualising complex needs of NGOs. A NGO can get a dynamic website; uploading of various documents i.e. Annual Reports, e-Newsletters, publications and web based solution for its remote office locations.

Q4: What do you provide differently for Construction or Real Estate Indusry?

Ans:  Construction is one of the strongest domain of Luminous Infoways. We have provided services to many major construction companies. We analyze and develop the suitable solutions to cater the core needs of any construction company. We have developed softwares to manage the flat booking, tracking the sale of apartments, real estate booking management systems, tracking the booking status and so on.