Life at Luminous

Individually we are one drop… Together we are an Ocean.

Life at Luminous Infoways is all about meeting new challenges and overcoming them, resulting in the mutual growth of the company and self. Offering the optimum working conditions, adhering to quality and innovativeness that stimulates one’s mind and sense, our framework makes you gain new heights in professional expertise. Along with customer’s satisfaction, employee wellness is a concern, taking care that each employee is allowed to grow to his/her full potential without  any strain. Exposure to new technologies and concepts is the order of the day with an advanced analysis of them. The company provides ample opportunities for the experienced and the fresher to learn and grow. There are technologists, web designers, developers and many other supporting staffs, all of whom are exposed to the latest in terms of work ethics and culture. Promotions and perks are given for dedicated and sincere work with exceptional work being rewarded. There is a constant spirit to grow within the company’s total working with encouragement given to extracurricular activities. Special days like festivals, birthdays etc. are celebrated and homage is paid to martyrs of the nation on their death anniversaries with lighting of candles.