Research & Development

Research and development(R&D) ensures future growth of any business. R&D is a must business for organisations dealing with technology. Based on the philosophy, "Luminous Infoways" develop new products or processes to improve and expand its operations, to support the product's viability, We understand that R&D means engineering to refine  products for a cost that appeals to costumers.

Luminous’ R&D strengths lie in developing intellectual property in non-infringing processes and resolving complex IT challenges. In the process, Luminous R&D team consists of good analysts working hard for creating useful deliverables applying new technology for better returns.

Our process:
  • Finding a problem. go for Research it.
  • Throw ideas at it. Invent. Get feedback.
  • Build something. Break it quickly. Make it better.
  • Decide on the product. Plan, organize, and bring it to life.
  • Build some, test them hard and thoroughly.
  • Push to production. Support as required.
  • Find a new problem if any