A web site that provides an online exchange of information between people about a particular topic. It provides a venue for questions and answers and may be monitored to keep the content appropriate. Also called a "discussion board" or "discussion group", an Internet forum is similar to an Internet newsgroup but uses the Web browser for access. Forums include all the extras people expect from the web, including images, videos, downloads and links, sometimes functioning as a mini-portal on the topic.

Forums can be entirely anonymous or require registration with username and password. Messages may be displayed in chronological order of posting or in question-answer order where all related answers are displayed under the question. Forums have a specific set of jargon associated with them; e.g. a single conversation is called a "thread".

Key features :

  • Secured Login facility with proper permission matrix for all users.

  • Facility to post.

  • Commenting system on any post.

  • Rating system on any post.

  • Full proof admin panel for tracking/approval/check posts/delete posts facilities.

  • Filtration facilities for all scrap posts.

  • Various types of Query & system generated reports facility.

Soumya Ranjan Patnaik (, Mahatma Gandhi NREGS ( are some of our clients who are using this product.