e-Service Desk

e-Service Desk is a solution for tracking complaints and inquiries while keeping customers informed about the progress of resolution. It establishes a centralized and historical database for tracking all complaints/inquiries received over telephone from the customer and to keep record of all call status and status of complaint handling.

e-Service Desk is a tool for all the service industries to provide effective service to their customers.

Key features :

  • Very User-friendly Interface

  • Enhanced Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • Instant Reports about the Customers necessities

  • Instant Reports about status of Calls

  • Instant Reports about Team’s Call Management

  • Clear-cut information about category of calls received: Service Related, Sales Related, Complaints.

  • Department Heads can effectively track their Callers.

Benefits :

  • Track Customer Satisfaction in real time in order to address problems immediately and enable better customer retention.
  • Provide Support to teams anytime, anywhere & access to customer information ideal for remote support employees.
  • Increase response accuracy and reduce response times with an integrated knowledge base
  • Use Case rules to ensure that your most valued customers always receive the proper level of support
  • Link Sales & Service and fulfillment the target of the organization to drive more revenue.