Infrastructure Development Monitoring System

Infrastructure Development Monitoring System (IDMS) called as ‘e-Nirman' is a step forward in implementation of e-Governance by the State government and it is an integrated online project monitoring system to monitor execution of projects in a most effective manner. The government seems to ensure greater transparency and accountability and help completing the projects in a time bound manner and increase efficiency to the citizens. This system is said to track the physical and financial progress of works pertaining to different Chief Engineers, Circles and Divisions. It will also ensure over viewing the projects in districts, blocks and constituencies. In the first phase of implementation of the project this system will be made accessible to all office bearers starting from the Secretariat to the Division Level. In the second phase, it is envisaged to extend facilities to Sub-division level and provide a citizen interface. The e-Nirman will ensure project monitoring starting from the budgetary allocation, allotment of funds, calling of tenders, award of contracts, progress of work and expenditure thereon. This system will also be able to monitor progress of works both physical and financial, head-wise, monthly, quarterly and on yearly basis.

  • An integrated online project monitoring system to monitor the physical and financial progress of works spread out in remotely.
  • Highly beneficial for both Corporate & Govt. Sector.
  • Finger tip access and monitoring of physical & financial progress of the projects running across the globe.
  • Least possible usage of resources & infrastructure.
  • This suite of solution is available for various engineering departments like; PWD (Roads & Buildings) , Water Resource, Public Health Engineering, Drainage, Sewerage , ST & SC , Health Infrastructure etc.
  • Successfully running at NRHM, PWD and RD Department of Govt. of Odisha.
  • A click away from the detail financial report on each project. All the financial heads & sub heads are taken in to system, so that any detailed financial report can be generated.

  • Project Code Wise physical work progress and Financial Expenditure can be managed.
  • District wise and Division wise physical work progress and financial expenditure can be traced.
  • Managing master data by state level users such as Chief Engineers.
  • Alert mechanism through e-mail and SMS.
  • User friendly screens & eradication of complex screens.
  • Customized dynamic reports which enhances decision making.
  • Separate login credentials for different users.
  • Dynamic forms for easy customization as per requirement.
  • Online accessible system facilitating instant updating of data.
  • Generation of consolidated reports.
  • Chief Engineer can easily track and trace the physical Work progress and Financial Expenditure for every project.
  • Chief Engineer can easily get the reports like work in progress, Work Completion, Work closure, Work in delayed with proper reason.
  • Various MIS reports and graphical analytics can be generated from the system.


  • Easy tracking access at levels.
  • Management of project wise physical work progress and financial expenditure.
  • PMS provides the scope to generate consolidated reports.
  • State level user can centrally manage the user.
  • Auto alert system for the users though e-mail and SMS.


  1. "It is a beneficial automated application which gives us an ease in tracking down the financial expenditure and physical work progress in a particular financial year". - Er. Bijan Kumar Behera, C.E DPIR, Govt. of Odisha
  2. "It is quiet convenient for easier monitoring of the divisional work progress". - Er. Bijay Kumar Sahu, A.C.E. Roads, Govt. of Odisha
  3. "The progress of a particular work can be analyzed on monthly / quarterly /yearly basis which is quiet efficient for monitoring the progress sequentially". - Er. Fakir Mohan Panigrahi, A.C.E. (World Bank Project), Govt. of Odisha


  • All Engineering Departments of State Government and Central Government
  • Large Scale Corporate and Infra Organizations

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