Fund Management Software

This System represents an automated process through which health programmes implemented throughout the State including districts can be monitored towards effective programme implementation and observations can be extracted for better implementation of the plan. The online FMS application integrates all activities of programme implementation plan unit such as forecasting, monthly operation, quality control and generates report on a monthly basis for any organisation. Several kinds of MIS and graphical reports are generated automatically through the online application.

Key Features:

  • Component wise details can be managed.
  • District wise details can be captured and monitored.
  • State wise details can be captured and monitored.
  • Centrally master data can be managed.
  • Alert mechanism is facilitated with the system to alert Users.
  • Compatible database is maintained.
  • User friendly screens.
  • Scope for future enhancement is possible.
  • Multiple logins for different users. Grant privileges as per users controlled by admin.


  • Generation of Consolidated reports like abstract report, analystical report and graphical report can be done easily.
  • Approval of Extend over time and extra administrative amount can be done through SMS.
  • Tracking the progress of both finacial and physical in any quarter can be done in a hassle free manner.
  • Utilization status of allocated funds can be tracked by the government.
  • Dynamic reporting for easy decision making by the management is enabled with application.
  • Dynamic forms for easy customization as per requirement are enabled.
  • Online system enables easy connectivity and instant Updation of data.Ensures the true blacklisted users.
  • Proper security mechanism is employed.