Car Rental System

Web application for any Transport & Rental Company to manage fleet of vehicles. The system manages the complete business process from booking, confirmation, delivery and invoicing. Easy Navigation features through Gantt charts. We maintain this Web Based Application by sitting in India.The system tracks booking numbers and Ids, booking extensions, independent VAT, modification and canceling of invoices and integration of payment information to existing accounting system.

Key Features:

  • The system implemented online automated booking, confirmation, delivery and invoicing.

  • Maintains of status and history of each transaction.

  • Uses tools such as graphical gnat charts to give a complete vacancy or booking details in one index.


  • Booking could be made, cancelled or prolonged without hassles.

  • Facilitated quick service and saved cost in dealing with one transaction, making customers satisfied. Invoice could be cancelled with credit memo. New invoices can be generated by entering modified delivery details, saving a lot of time.

  • The client could accept booking before months and years, without the risk of duplicate booking errors

The product has been implemented at Digirent, a Norway based car rental company. (Click here to view portfolio)