Blood Bank MIS

What it is and what it can do!

Blood Bank Management Information System is an integrated blood bank automation system computerizes end to end activities of a single blood bank or a number of blood banks regulated by (State Govt. or PSU or Private body) through interconnecting them in a single network. By interconnecting all blood banks of a state to a central server it can provide citizen services like accessing the desired blood group status by SMS, IVRS and web portal.

Functional Abilities of Blood Bank MIS

  • Integrated Blood Bank MIS refers the acquisition, validation, storage and circulation of various live data and information electronically regarding blood donation and transfusion service
  • Able to assemble heterogeneous data into legible reports as per Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 to support decision making from effective donor screening to optimal blood dissemination in the field
  • Compliance to all prescribed rules & standards of Government, NACO, international guidelines of Red Cross & WHO etc.
  • It functions through bar-coding of blood bags to ensure utilization of blood on First In First Out basis in 100% cases
  • Help public for easy access to the blood availability status of blood banks on finger tips through Web, SMS and IVRS facility

Dynamic Analytics with Blood Bank MIS

Various graphical and MIS reports can be generated based on the update by users of blood bank. It helps to generate logical and effective graphical reports which are much needed to gain an insight for any Blood Bank In-charge or Authority. System generates absolute useful analytics like:-

Features of Blood Bank MIS

  • Blood Collection management with bar coding of blood bags
  • Blood Issue management
  • Stock management
  • Consumable inventory management
  • Asset information management
  • Blood transfer management
  • Blood bank license renewal information management
  • Bio waste / Deferral management
  • User Administration & Security

Advance Features of Blood Bank MIS

  • Bio-Metric device integration to identify professional / permanently unfit donor
  • Eliza Reader integration for Eliza test automation
  • Donor Relationship management to retain regular blood donors and create new donors which will lead to increase blood collection
  • System generated e-donor card for reference
  • Android Mobile app for onsite camp information updation
  • Offline module development for offline data entry in case of no internet connectivity

Benefits of Blood Bank MIS

  • Centralized donor database gives easy accessibility
  • Enhance the quality process of transfusion services and Fast and reliable information.
  • Automatic deferrals of Donor based upon vitals
  • Tracking blood unit detail at transfusion point
  • Systematization of Thalassemia/ regular blood seeker patient records
  • Real time Inventory control and flexibility to issue consumables on FIFO
  • Citizen can avail real time group wise blood stock status through web/SMS/IVRS
  • Donor record available during emergency blood requirement
  • Emphasizes human resource utilization
  • Interchange of stored units between blood banks during emergencies

Applicable Sectors (Who can use it?)

Govt. Licensed blood banks
  • Govt. Authority tracks blood availability status of the state
  • Track Target Vs. Achievement of collection
  • Track license status of blood banks in the State
  • View State wide Analytics
Individual Blood Banks
  • Blood Bank In-charge tracks blood availability status of his blood banks
  • Track blood collection vs issue
  • View Reports & Analytics of his blood bank
Charitable/PSU Blood Banks
  • Blood Bank In-charge tracks blood availability status of his blood banks
  • Track blood collection vs issue
  • View Reports & Analytics of his blood bank



Success story:

  • Running across all the licensed blood banks in Odisha including private, Govt & charitable blood banks since more than 3 years with ownership by Odisha State Aids Control Society (OSACS) and funding Authority National Health Mission (NHM).
  • Presented in World IT forum as best practice followed in health sector
  • Highly appreciated by Ministry of Health, GoI India. Ministry of health, Govt of India has recommended it to all State Government to replicate the e-blood bank (Odisha Model) to strengthen the blood services in the state.
  • The only application of Odisha Govt. has been selected and placed in e-Gov App store of Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India

Further contact:

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