Blood Bank MIS

The Blood Bank Management Information System is an integrated blood bank automation system. This web based mechanism inter connects all the Blood Banks of the State into a single network. Integrated Blood Bank MIS refers the acquisition, validation, storage and circulation of various live data and information electronically regarding blood donation and transfusion service. Such system is able to assemble heterogeneous data into legible reports to support decision making from effective donor screening to optimal blood dissemination in the field. Those electronic processes will help the public for easy access to the blood availability status of blood banks on finger tips; so that he can place a requisition of a particular blood group in nearby blood bank (Especially rare groups) save a valuable life.

  • An integrated web based MIS of all blood banks (62) spread throughout the State.
  • This system is first time in India for boosting blood donation services and electronic monitoring of blood collection, testing, storage and final use or disposal.
  • The system functions through bar-coding of blood bags to ensure blood collected first is used first in 100 per cent cases.
  • Compliance to all prescribed rules & standards of Government, NACO, international guidelines of Red Cross & WHO etc.
  • Recognized by Govt. of India to roll it out across the country.
  • High level global opportunities - Easily replicable in other countries.


  • Blood Operation Management (Collection & Issue)
  • Inventory/Asset Management
  • Stock Management
  • Camp Management
  • Employee Information Management.
  • Blood Bank License Management.
  • Blood Supply chain Management
  • User Administration & Security Management


  • Bio-Metric Device / Smart Card
  • Bar-Code / RFID
  • Eliza Reader
  • Automated Freezer
  • Donor Relationship Module
  • e-donor card generation
  • CMIS Report integration as by NACO


  • Increase Productivity and Operational Saving / Fast and reliable information.
  • Restriction of professional / permanent unfit donor from blood donation.
  • Greater and effective control on blood Inventory and resource.
  • Improves resource utility. / Improves regular donor management.
  • Automatic deferrals of Donor based upon vitals.
  • Donor record available on emergency blood requirement.
  • Blood Bags Orders and Tracking made easier / Blood Bags Inventory alerts made easier.
  • Systematization of Thalassemia patient records.
  • Real time Inventory control and Flexibility to issue consumables on earliest expiry date basis.
  • Enhanced administration & control.
  • Testing process made faster.
  • Auto update of blood units into the inventory during collection & issue and auto update of rejected blood units and deletion of blood units on expiry.


  1. "One of the best initiative for Citizen." - Prof. P. C. Mohanty, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  2. "Technically, to convert transfusion services into IT based system is not a small task. But feasibly Odisha has done it for more than 50 blood Banks. I am witnessing to it." - Er. Bijay Kumar, Program Officer, CDAC Mohali.
  3. "Through the Blood Bank ICT tool, we can avail best blood services to patients and their relatives at the time of requirement within a short span of time". - Mr. Prabodh Siya, M & E Officer, Odisha State Aids Control Society, Bhubaneswar
  4. "e-blood bank application is the best initiative in Health domain, which interconnects all the licensed Government & private blood banks of odisha in a single network and online monitoring to blood banks made possible for state Govt." - Mr. Swarup Das, Joint Director, State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC), Bhubaneswar

Licensed Blood Banks of Government, Private & Charitable Organizations etc. statewide as well as nationwide

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