Complete Prison Management System

The prison management system is comprised of the Directorate of Prisons , prisons around the state, prisoners living in the prison. Prison officers controlling and taking care of the prisoners at different prisons. Prison Management System is a system to manage the activities related to Prison like tracking and monitoring of activities in all the jails, effective management of records, regular updation of status of all the jails, maintenance of Prison Employee database along with online transfer option.

Luminous has analysed to bring the entire processing and management of funds in a well channelized manner.The people working as authorities are given access to control the various modules of Prison Management System. The system facitates to provide proper information regarding the requirements given to each and every prisoner along with the correspondence activity reports.In the Prison Managemnt System, the under trial prisoner information is tracked along with the UTP Bail or Release. After the case is finalized, as per the decision the UTP is changed to convict is traced in the system.All the details of the convict such as :- Parole, Furlough, released date, transfer details from one location to other will be managed in the system.

Key Features:

  • Detail information of all prisons can be stored in single place.
  • Prison Employee database will be maintained along with online transfer option to other Jails.
  • Prisoner’s all useful records like Remission/Furlough/Parole/Charge sheet/Warrant etc will be maintained in the system
  • On the basis of Remission/Furlough/Parole etc system will auto calculate the Release date of a convict
  • Online prisoner transfer facility will maintain the transfer history.
  • Generates UTP/Convict ticket
  • Advance search facility to search any prisoner.
  • All visitor’s history can be maintained.
  • Daily basis Lock in/Lock up register.
  • Daily basis normal and sick diet register.
  • Daily basis sick register.
  • Various kinds of system generated statistical reports available.
  • UTP alert mechanism.
  • Tracking and monitoring facility for “Prison Death”, “Prison Escape” etc.
  • Directorate of Prisons can easily track the current status of any prison (total strength, health condition, No of UTP, No of Convict etc.) at any point of time.
  • Each prison will have their own interface with the facility to deal all data related to them.
  • Easy and robust way to keep, update and maintain data by jail users.
  • Tracking and monitoring of activities in all the jails.
  • Effective management of records.
  • Regular updation of status of all the jails
  • Maintenance of Prison Employee DB along with online transfer option
  • Generation of daily, weekly, monthly reports.
  • Regular communication between Headquarter and other jails.
This product is implemnted at Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Services to manage all their activities related to prison. (Click here to view portfolio)