Grievance Handling System

India being a sovereign democratic republic and as per the mention made in the Directive Principles of State Policy of Indian Constitution, it is imperative on the part of the State to adopt different welfare measures for the total well being and all round development of the citizens.

Accordingly, implementation of various developmental schemes and different programmes are being undertaken keeping in view the felt needs of people with multi dimensional approach.

In the process, due to lack of coordination, poor implementation of the programmes, lack of missionary spirit and zeal in the mindset of the officers/agencies upon whom the task have been entrusted results in deprivation of rightful recipients/beneficiaries in a particular programme. As such innumerable instances of such deprived beneficiaries are being noticed in the prominent news papers baring a major portion of such cases who do not have access to a systematic mechanism for redressal of their genuine grievances.

To put an attempt in the direction, Luminous Infoways has devised a well organized sequential methodology to deal with such type of grievances being encountered in the day to day life of the general public.

Luminous Infoways can provide the expertise on development of applications which can serve the purpose of handling the stupendous task of redressing the genuine grievances of general public in a systematic manner.