Converting Guidelines to ICT Tool

Luminous Infoways provides unparalleled versatility solution to implement various operational guidelines on various schemes or programmes etc. through Information Communication Tool (ICT). Our experts analysis your ICT requirements deeply and efficiently for successful implementation of the scheme. We can help in developing the systems that effectively streamline internal processes and operations to simplify and improve functioning of the organization / government. ICT tools helps you in integrating and simplifying implementation processes, reducing the time of user, increasing government transparency by reducing corruption and so on so forth. So, ICT is a tool for achieving good governance and timely delivery of services.

ICT is the biggest enabler of change and process reforms with minimum resistance. Decades of attempts for government and process reforms fade in face of what ICT has achieved in few years. People would not so readily accept process change but in the name of ICT they do.

As ICT Consultants, Luminous Infoways has undertaken various e-Governance projects in India and particularly in Odisha. These projects / ICT Tools have included those offering cost-effective, improved and easy-to-access services to citizens, improved processing of transactions both within government offices, and between the government and private businesses, and projects that have contributed to increased transparency and public sector reform.