Auditing of Schemes

The Government plans, prepares and implements Programmes and Schemes in the State for welfare of the general public. Some of the schemes are fully funded by the Central Government and some are partially funded depending upon the implication at a National level.

Different schemes target different categories of beneficiaries and the Government implements in a time frame manner as per the funds received from Central Government.

Both Central and the State Government require periodic reports about the progress and the status of implementation. This requires intermediate auditing of schemes. These reports also pave the way for devising new schemes in future.

Luminous Infoways has proven experience in documenting the Citizen Centric Best Practices. The best practices adopted and implemented by State Govt. Units/ Departments are documented for the purpose it’s successful replication in other states of the country.   

Luminous Infoways conducts surveys and consultations with the service providers, stakeholders and the associated beneficiaries to understand the strategies and mechanism followed for a particular service. The documentations thus prepared serves as reference documents for policy makers, development practitioners, intellectuals etc.

Some of the best documentation master pieces include Window of Hope, A Contracting Model for procurement of services in Government Development & Operation of Government Aviation Training Institute (GATI) at Bhubaneswar, Convergent Public Action in City Management, Department of General Administration.