Electronic Record Management

For Document management of any Government Organization at quickest possible manner Electronic Record Management plays a vital role. Converting document into electronic formats has become an essential requirement. Our e-Records  application has been exclusively designed to meet the needs of Govt. Departments/organizations. By this software, records including Files/ letters/ documents (both Incoming, outgoing, official & personal) are created, stored, retrieved & managed efficiently.

We help you in following ways to resolve all possible day-to-day issues related to records management

  • To streamline the team reporting structure & process.
  • To catch the problems & the problem makers on everyday basis.
  • To maintain the accountability/benefit of filing system, yet want to take advantage of computerization.
  • To see different report for management, Manager & the staff.
  • To analyze pendency in terms of action and  speed.
  • To see, how many letters are lying unattended.
  • How many letters/files/works pending at different sections.
  • To see efficiency of the section/staff/Manager etc.