Converting Act & Rules to Software Tools

Luminous Infoways offers various IT solutions to implement and monitor several Acts and Rules formulated by Govt. of India, Govt. of Odisha and other State Govt. as well. Our think-tank team helps in developing the systems on various Acts, Rules and Policies that can be effectively implemented at all levels.

As e-Governance Consultants, Luminous Infoways has undertaken several e-Governance projects in India based on Act and Rules. One of them is ‘RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism (RTI CMM)’ by Govt. of Odisha (

The first step towards e-Governance is to understand the processes of the Government. E-Governance is not entirely an IT initiative it actually consists of Resource Management, Process Re-engineering, Regulatory and Administrative Reforms, Change Management, Information Management, and many more component. All these components revolve around the basic Policy or Act or Rule of the Govt.

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