G2G Services

E-Government encompasses more than just technology – it challenges the way in which public sector service providers and citizens interact. Government-to-Government (G2G) is the interaction or transaction between Government organizations, Departments, and public authorities. To government employees and agencies, it would mean the facilitation of cross-agency coordination and collaboration to ensure appropriate and timely decision-making .e-government involves the automation or computerization of existing paper-based procedures that will prompt new styles of leadership, new ways of debating and deciding strategies, new ways of transacting business, new ways of listening to citizens and communities, and new ways of organizing and delivering information. Ultimately, e-government aims to enhance access to and delivery of government services to benefit citizens. More important, it aims to help strengthen government’s drive towards effective governance and increased transparency to better manage a country’s social and economic resources for development.

Luminous Infoways is providing assistance to Government in many of its G2G projects. Let it be RTI Central monitoring mechanism or Prison Management system. Everywhere the G2G service is of great help to streamline the Government processes.


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