G2C Services

G2C includes information dissemination to the public, basic citizen services such as license renewals, ordering of birth/death/marriage certificates and filing of income taxes, as well as citizen assistance for basic services as education, health care, hospital information, libraries, and the like.

In an e-government system, individuals are able to initiate a request for a particular government service and then receive that government service through the Internet or some computerized mechanism. In some cases, the government service is delivered through one government office, instead of many. In other cases, a government transaction is completed without direct in-person contact with a government employee.

Luminous Infoways has innovatively delivered several projects on G2C services which includes; Web based Malaria Information System, Web GIS Urban Health database system and geographical information display system, Web based Judicial Case Management Software of Odisha Information Commission, Online Complaint Handling System of Odisha State Road Project (OSRP) etc.

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